About Us

Tri-County Action Program, Inc. (Tri-CAP) is the federally designated Community Action Program for Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties in central Minnesota. Programs administered by the agency may serve one or more counties, and in several cases, go beyond the boundaries of the three counties.

Tri-CAP was incorporated in 1965 becoming the first community action program in non-metro Minnesota. Tri-CAP has served low- and moderate-income residents ever since. The agency's staff are able to offer a wide array of services that assist individuals and families to achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency. Further information about all of the programs is available throughout this site.

The Executive Director of the agency is Lori Schultz. Lori and the leadership team at Tri-CAP is committed to serving all our communities by always keeping the needs of our customers as our highest priority. The agency is governed by a 18-member volunteer Board of Directors. One third of the Board are elected officials, one third are representatives of the low income and one third are public-at-large positions. These dedicated volunteers set policy for the agency and meet on a monthly basis.

We currently have offices in Waite Park. You are always welcome to stop in and ask more about what we do. We hope you take the time to investigate this site and learn more about us! Click here for our Annual Report.





We, as Community Action Professionals, dedicate
ourselves to eliminating poverty in the midst of plenty in
this nation by opening to everyone the opportunity for
education and training; the opportunity for work; and the
opportunity to live in decency and dignity; and with respect
for cultural diversity, commit ourselves to:


* Recognize that the chief function of the Community Action movement at all times is to 
serve the best interests of the poor, thereby serving the best interests of all people.  

* Accept as a personal duty the responsibility to keep up to date on emerging issues
and to conduct ourselves with professional competence, fairness, impartiality, 
efficiency, and effectiveness.  

 * Respect the structure and responsibilities of the board of directors, provide them
with facts and advice as a basis for their making policy decisions, and uphold and
implement policies adopted by the board of directors.  

* Keep the community informed about issues affecting the poor; facilitate 
communication by the poor with locally elected public officials and the private sector.  

* Conduct our organizational and operational duties with positive leadership 
exemplified by open communication, creativity, dedication, and compassion.  

* Exercise whatever discretionary authority we have under the law to promote the 
interests of the poor.  

* Lead the Community Action movement with respect, concern, courtesy, and 
responsiveness, recognizing that service to the poor is beyond service to oneself.  

* Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and
fortitude in all our Community Action activities in order to inspire confidence and trust
in the Community Action movement.  

* Serve in such a way that we do not realize undue personal gain from the
performance of our professional duties.  

* Avoid any interest or activity that is in conflict with the conduct of official duties.  

* Respect and protect privileged information to which we have access in the course of 
official duties.  

* Strive for professional excellence and encourage the professional development of our associates, including those seeking to become certified Community Action professionals.