WoMen Investigating New Goals and Solutions, (WINGS) is a pre-employment program for women and men who lack income due to death, divorce, separation, or the disability of a partner. Through a series of workshops, one-to-one counseling and group support, participants can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to achieve full-time employment and lead more fulfilling lives.

The WINGS program is funded through the Minnesota Displaced Homemakers Program (DHP) and serves Benton, Chisago, Isanti, Kanabec, Pine, Stearns, Sherburne, and Wright Counties. Services are free to those who qualify.

Who is a Displaced Homemaker?

  • Have you been a stay-at-home parent or stayed home to maintain the household and now need to become financially self-sufficient?
  • Are you unemployed, underemployed, or seeking a career change?
  • Do you lack income due to the death or disability of a spouse/partner, a divorce, a separation, or a loss of public assistance?

If you answered, “Yes,” to these questions, you may be a displaced homemaker and WINGS may be able to help you.

WINGS helps you to:

  • Increase your self-esteem & confidence
  • Identify individual strengths
  • Manage stress & anger
  • Clarify & establish goals
  • Explore career & education options
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Connect with others seeking the same goals

We conduct workshops at various sites in the communities we serve.

Workshop Schedules

Workshops Open to the Public:

Please contact Tri-CAP (320-251-1612 or 888-765-5597) or the workshop site to see if class will be held that day.

DHP/WINGS Advisory Board

For more information contact: Tri-CAP at 320-251-1612 or 888-765-5597